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Home Check Services List

For homeowners looking for limited inspection and maintenance services, our Basic Program is ideal. Should our routine home checks reveal any need for repairs, we will inform you promptly so that you may independently contract for the maintenance call to be made at your convenience.

Basic Home Checks Program

  • Key holding
  • Release keys to preferred vendors
  • Inspect for forced entry and vandalism
  • Secure doors and windows
  • Change out smoke detector batteries when needed
  • Flush toilets*
  • Check furnace for proper operation*
  • Check exterior of home for wind, animal, snow or ice damage*
  • Check electric meters

* * Performed on a weekly basis.

Extended Maintenance Services

  • Snow removal
  • Pressure washing and sealing of decks
  • Installation and removal of foundation vent plugs in Spring and Fall
  • Setup and storage of deck furniture in Spring and Fall
  • Meet vendors at residence
  • Vendor referral service upon request
  • Project Management

NOTE: Seasonal Options are Available

Please inquire via Cell phone: 541-410-3986 or by Email